Monday, January 9, 2012

Lessons Learned

Quick recap of my Adepticon team tournament practice game. 

We elect to play a previous Adepticon Team Tournament from years past. Mission was pitch battle deployment, with the primary objective being hold the center, via victory point total, and secondary was roll dice and tie

Lacking pictures I am not going into a full battle report we did however learn some lessons

  1. Wolf Lord + Wolves is just too many points at such a small point game, over a 1/4 of the army.
  2. Wolf Lord + Wolves is really at odds with the other army list(s)
  3. The mobility offered by the interceptors out weighed the loss of the extra Str 6 Heavy Bolter
  4. The DCA out of a Razorback are hard to use
After the game I looked at a lot of options and realistically I think the list is set. I still need to play it more to continue to learn how to use it but I am pretty happy. My buddy on the other hand has some work to do on his.

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